About Us


The vision of Re.Pose is to create a deeper sense of rest and trust in all areas of ones life. There are a few key values that Re.Pose therapy holds. The first and foremost is that every person that enters this space, regardless of what type of therapy they are engaging with, has within them what they need to heal and move forward in life.   We find a tangible example of this concept with the physical body. Just as a cast provides the conditions for the body to do what it is innately designed to do in healing a fracture, so too, Re.Pose aims to provide an environment, and the therapeutic conditions to allow for optimal healing and growth.

about-us-sofasAnother main value of Re.Pose is that healing should be accessible for all people. This opportunity is created in two ways at Re.Pose. The first is through having options as there are many avenues to explore in healing; counselling, yoga, and essential oils. The second is that there are accessible price points for all people. This is the purpose of having counselling internship students on our team. Each student is hand picked as their values and personal growth need to align with the vision of Re.Pose. And lastly, all of our therapists continue in their own journey of growth through regular consultation and supervision.


Because YOU are a key element in your growth story we honour the wisdom you bring, and it’s important that you feel there is a fit between yourself and your therapist. We will do our best to check in with you about this, but know we want to hear from you with any thoughts or concerns. Your voice is valued at Re.Pose.

Meet the Re.Pose team.