The Journey to Motherhood

By repose Jul 24, 2017

The Journey to Motherhood Being a mother has been the most glorious sacred moments of my life and the most horribly miserable moments, and sometimes this is happening simultaneously.  It is confusing and hard and the depth of love and level of helplessness I’ve felt are unparalleled to anything I’ve ever experienced in my life…. Read more »

Humpty Dumpty

I’m Sorry: The Best Apology

By repose Jun 28, 2017

I’m Sorry: The Best Apology. How did you learn to apologize? For most of us, we learn the basics of apology as children. If you are around small children, you will inevitably hear adults encouraging a child to say “sorry” after hurting another child. This is good modeling and is certainly part of how we… Read more »

Meet our Newest Student Intern

By repose Jun 5, 2017

It is such a pleasure to have Andrew join our team.  His tender spirit and presence of curiosity make him a great addition to our team.  Andrew works from a systemic perspective and has experience in working with all people in the family system, including; couples, children, teens and individual adults.  We love having students… Read more »

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Tradgedy Doesn’t Have to Feel Hopeless.

By repose May 29, 2017

After the horrific incident that happened in Manchester England last week, I’m sure it left people feeling at a loss for words and experiencing the feeling of helplessness. I ( Deanne ) know that’s how I felt when I heard about this tragic situation. I mostly struggle often when scary things such as this happen in… Read more »


Hello Anger

By repose May 24, 2017

Anger has gotten a bad reputation. Sure, when used recklessly anger has some pretty big impacts on others, and ourselves, but what if anger did not need to be something to avoid at all costs? Some of the messages that are predominate around anger are: that we should not feel angry, that anger is to… Read more »

Child in Meadow

Anxiety , Meditation and Children.

By repose May 18, 2017

Anxiety is one of the most talked about and common issues in humans, ranging from childhood  straight up to adulthood. Thank goodness for that! Especially when it comes to children suffering from this very normal issue. When a child is suffering from anxiety, the wheel of scary, confused or insecure thoughts that swirl around in… Read more »

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Why Being Near Water Is So Healing For The Mind , Body And Soul.

By repose May 15, 2017

A walk in the forest , a jog through the park or a stroll along the beach. These are some of the things that people do to go and find peace , relaxation or to even go and connect more deeply with themselves. This article chats about the benefits of being near water, and how therapeutic… Read more »


Abuse : Its Not Black and White.

By repose May 11, 2017

This article is shared by a woman who lived in an abusive marriage for years. She shares the experience of why it was so hard to leave when you are caught in an abusive relationship, and sheds a lot of light as to how women get caught up in these situations. Entering into an abusive relationship is… Read more »


To Woman and Mother’s : Find Your Village People.

By repose May 10, 2017

To all you mama’s and woman out there that do all that you do for your families, communities and friends. Please check out this article as its fitting considering Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Give yourself permission to find time for you and perhaps make yourself come first for a change! Not just for Mother’s Day… Read more »

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Safe Strangers VS Unsafe Strangers : Tricks To Help Teach Our Kids To Stay Safe.

By repose May 8, 2017

Being a mother of two one of my biggest fears is having  my children kidnapped or hurt by someone. If you are a parent or a caregiver for a child you most likely feel the same way. If you do please check out this article. It’s a story of a mother who shares her experience… Read more »