Yoga At Re.Pose

Creating a Relationship with your Body

Whenever we take a deep, conscious breath, we experience yoga. One of the many definitions of yoga is “to yolk”, or to “connect”. The yoga offered at Re.Pose is intended to guide you in a calling to return or “connect” with your own body’s intuitive intelligence and wisdom. Practicing yoga gives opportunity for reconnection with sensations of pleasure and/or discomfort as you participate in your own healing of body, heart, mind and soul. It is a pathway to find safety and strength in our bodies – to befriend our body and use it as a resource. While offering a safe space to gain a firm foundation of strength through key poses, each class also offers generous space for nourishing restoration to allow for an integrative practice.

The yoga classes at Re.Pose are taught by Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Classes are currently being taught by Carolyn Goossen RYT240 and Deanne Matthews, RYT240.


We are welcoming a new teacher , Deanne Matthews. Deanne has been a friend of Re.Pose since it began , practicing yoga here and then completing her Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver last fall, as well as Trauma-Sensitive Yoga training this spring. She started her own personal practice 2 years ago and was awakened to the way in which it helped her to become more grounded and feel more trust within herself and her body. Deanne believes that yoga truly is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.   So she is very thrilled to be able to share the yoga space with others and offer a class in which participants can find their own journey on their mat .  Deanne will be teaching classes on Wednesday evenings as well as offering drop-in classes on the weekends.

Carolyn’s yoga journey stems from a longing for a deeper connection to her own body.


While healing from a traumatic brain injury,  the practice of yoga has helped Carolyn strengthen her body, heart, mind and soul. It has  further instilled a passion to create a safe space for others to strengthen and repair the “whole” of the their bodies.

Because of the amount of interest for a yoga practice that increases strength in the body and allows for restoration all while providing the space needed for connection in all realms; ease of mind, body, heart and soul – we are now offering 4 different time slots for you to pre-register ( 6 week sessions ), plus two drop in time slots on the weekends. There will be one make-up time slot for missed pre-registered classes. ( TBD ).

FOUNDATIONS:  Becoming Curious About the Messages of Your Body This class will provide the foundation for connecting to your body, awakening to its cues, both physically and emotionally as you integrate breath, body and mind to gain strength and find rest.  This class will be offered Tuesday  evenings 7:30-8:45 starting November 7th and Friday Mornings 11am-12:15pm starting November 3rd. ($90)

EXPANSIONS:  Connecting With and Extending Compassionto the Messages of Your Body This class, now in it’s second run, building on FOUNDATIONS, will create opportunity for participants to listen to and understand the messages of their body as they continue to strengthen their body balanced with restoration.  If you have taken the Foundations class and would like to expand your practice, this might be for you.  Contact me with your questions.  This class will be offered Tuesday evenings at 6:-7:15 starting November 7th, Wednesday at 6:30pm-7:45pm with Deanne starting November 8th and Friday mornings at 9:30-10:45 starting November 3rd Starting. ( $90 ).

YOGA for EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE and WELL-BEING: Becoming Curious about having a Body – this  class , new to Re. Pose and new to many yogi’s , is intended to endeavour to create a safe place to allow ease and choice as your guide as you listen to your body. This class is a shorter class, intended as an introduction to the many benefits of movement with breath, as well as connection of mind and body. This will be a smaller class. This class is not being offered at this time but will be available in the future or upon request.

WEEKEND DROP IN: We are now offering drop-in classes on the weekends for those that would like to add an additional practice to their pre-registered class or for those who can’t commit to a pre-registered class at this time. The time slot is Saturdays ( 9-10:15am ) for ALL levels. Drop in will be $15 per class.  Please email Deanne at to reserve your spot

**Please note that ALL yoga classes at Re.Pose are trauma-informed** 
Please read all the time slot offerings, and then reply and remit payment to me, Carolyn Goosen and/or to this email,
Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  All e-transfers can be sent to this email address ( and cheques can be addressed to Carolyn Goossen.
An email will reserve your spot and a payment will CONFIRM your spot. Each session is 6 weeks in duration and the cost is $90 or $75.
There will be adjusted pricing for those who are interested in more than one session and/or time slot.