Brandi Matheson

My journey into a stillness began back in 2011 when I was approached by the non-for-profit organization that I had been working for since 2005 in various mental health programs to become the program manager for a new government funded adult mental health and wellness centre, in the Mission, B.C., later named Centennial Place.During the next 4 ½ years of establishing Centennial Place mindfulness, meditation and yoga became the core of my own personal wellness practice, and the way in which I supported others in theirs.

In October 2014, I decided to continue my journey into stillness and began certification in mindfulness, meditation and yoga. I travelled to Bali to complete an intensive yoga teacher training. Upon returning home I began the intensive training pathway on becoming a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, through the University of Massachusetts, Medical School, Centre for Mindfulness, home of the founder of MBSR, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and became certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, through Langara College.

After ten years of service with Communitas Supportive Care Society, in August 2015, I decided to leave my manager position behind and embark on a career to share mindfulness and meditation to the greater world. Since then, I have continued training, studying and practicing in these areas, and have had the pleasure of mentoring with some highly respected teachers in their field of expertise; Michael Stone, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Shannon Cluff, Yoga Teacher/Mentor, and Nicole Garcia, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist. I have also deepened my understanding of mindfulness and meditation through my own personal practice, and have attended five extended silent meditation retreats, including a planned trip to Burma in January 2018 for one-month silent meditation intensive.

I truly believe with stillness and awareness, we can learn to step out of the stories, beliefs and reactivity’s that bound us, disconnect us, and cause us unnecessary suffering and instead, learn to step into a place of wholeness, wholeheartedness, and one of profound healing and connection, breath by breath and moment by moment.