Carolyn Goossen

“The energy that exists when you feel seen, heard, and valued. When you can give and receive without judgement; and when you can derive sustenance and strength from that relationship” – Brene Brown

The word yoga means “to yolk” – to connect. When we practice yoga we practice connection.

Carolyn’s yoga journey stems from a longing for a deeper connection to her own body. Previously a high school music teacher and living an active lifestyle playing
various sports and enjoying the outdoors, Carolyn added yoga to her life as a way to connect to her body in a more conscious way. After suffering from a life-changing
traumatic brain injury, the practice of yoga was the only physical activity that Carolyn had access to. Practicing yoga has helped Carolyn strengthen her body, heart, mind and soul and instilled a passion to create a safe space for others to strengthen and repair the “whole” of their bodies. Carolyn has always been drawn towards healing and cultivating a compassionate relationship with her body and has a strong desire to see others discover the resources they have in their whole being.

She completed Level 1 and 2 of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy Training for her own healing and to help foster a therapeutic space for her students, giving an opportunity to see how their bodies have been working WITH them, keeping them safe, as opposed to against them.

After expanding her 8 year yoga journey by completing her 200 RYT in Postural Yoga with Daniel Clement (Open Source Yoga) in 2015, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training in 2016, and most recently her 300hr Therapeutic Yoga Training, Carolyn has focused her teaching at Re.Pose Therapy, integrating connection with body and mind.

Our bodies hold our joy and our pain. The combination of finding the most honouring way to stand in our bodies with strength, alignment and ease as well as finding and showing compassion towards our whole being on our mats can help us cultivate a relationship with ourselves and others off the mat that is honest, loving, forgiving, and ultimately one where we feel true connection.

All of Carolyn’s yoga teaching is thoroughly trauma-informed; holding a safe space for her students to awaken to the messages of their body, establish trust, and ultimately find strength, safety and compassion within their whole being.