Lorraine Reimer

In my experience, life has unfolded like a meandering path.  When I became a nurse thirty years ago, the part most meaningful to me was the relationships that I established with the families with whom I cared for. Assisting in delivering babies remained rewarding yet I found myself increasingly drawn to the emotional intimacy occurring when working with families in crisis.  I moved into a unique position where I was honoured to work as a nurse specifically in assisting families and patients through depression, grief, post trauma, mental illness, substance use, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), and other serious clinical conditions.   It is through my extensive work with families, that I have developed a passion for helping, and therefore desired the necessary skills for the highest standard of care.  I decided that the next step was becoming a marriage and family therapist and have graduated from ACTS at Trinity Western University with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. Working at Repose therapy from a systems perspective fits my philosophy that all people are valuable and are deserving of respect. I am committed to helping individuals, couples and families understand and work through their painful and distressing symptoms that are often associated with the difficulties and challenges of life.  Upon reflecting on my work, the therapeutic values of patience, respect, gentleness, equality and compassion are core.

As a marriage and family therapist, I count it a privilege to be invited into people’s lives and I remain in good standing as a Registered Nurse with RNABC.  I have been trained in the Emotionally Focussed and Satir therapy models and it is with the lens of attachment theory that I see the significance of the relationships in our lives.  With warmth and acceptance, I look forward to understanding your unique story.

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