"The work of personal healing and growth may be the hardest, but most beautiful work you can ever do. There is no investment that could have a more lasting impact than taking the time to stop and meaningfully enter all the things that life has brought to you, and bring reconciliation purpose and love to the forefront. The blessing of this goes beyond yourself, and enriches the lives of those who journey with you. Danielle is a gentle guide who walks with you through this process; she shines a beacon of light as you journey through often scary and unknown ground to find your way home. Danielle’s expertise lies in navigating the pathways of the human experience, and she works to bring unity to all aspects of our personhood. I will forever be changed by her co-­participation with me."

- Hanna Namm

"There is a desire to move from the place I feel stuck in. The place that has become untenable, unworkable. Change has finally been recognized as the only way forward. It is a vulnerable path to commit to. Having someone guide you on this path of change with insight, wisdom and honesty has been a priceless gift. Danelle has brought me to a place of healing within my marriage and myself. She is skilled at bringing me to the place where I can constructively see myself and find a way forward. It has been a gift to find inner longings and move toward acceptance, peace and love."

- Jim Black