Beth Scholes

I enjoy working with people to facilitate growth and change. Therapy has made a big difference in my own life, and I was drawn to become a therapist due to my extroverted personality and my empathic, caring nature. Life has taught me numerous lessons about grief and suffering, which have equipped me with experiences and knowledge which inform my practice.

Returning to school as a mature student, I soon discovered I love school and learning. Currently, I am finishing my MA in Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University (2019). My education has been a gift to me with learning opportunities and practical application. As a therapist, I come from a family systems, attachment, and somatic perspective, believing that all people are equal and intrinsically equipped with an internal drive and ability to change. I also recognize that because all people are equipped with strengths, my role is to help others identify and focus on their strengths as a driving force in therapeutic change. My attachment perspective informs me that change happens within relationship: to self and to other. My role as a therapist is to provide a safe attachment relationship from which to explore both self-acceptance and change.

Wisdom of the Body.

I believe the human body is a very effective source of wisdom and tapping into this wisdom can facilitate change and health. My work with clients incorporates identifying what (and when) our bodies communicate in order to utilize the body as a therapeutic tool, in light our goals for holistic mental health. Our physical bodies communicate countless emotional messages.