Dear Mama in the Middle,

Dear Mama in the Middle,

In the middle of motherhood, somewhere between infancy and “launch”....they say the days are long and the years are short, but mostly it just feels like surviving.... It's hard in the middle... when you are sure you’re are not getting this motherhood thing right, but you show up anyway.... I see you, I hear you, I notice you....

They said this day would come.... When night feedings are a thing of the past, you are no longer needed to tie their shoes, and they can pour their own juice .... But they still need you in new and stretching ways.... the days where attitudes loom large and schedules are complex. The middle is not easy, in fact it’s harder than you ever imagined it could be...and yet you know this matters....

The middle is the ordinary and the extraordinary gift of motherhood, the awe and wonder of childhood, mingling with permission forms, paying bills, and the stomach flu.

The unseen, unheard and unnoticed... the countless moments of love and acts of service. The explosions of pride and love when you see them smile, and those defeating moments when you lay your head on your pillow at night wishing you could have a redo of the day.

Mama in the middle, I see you....

Coming home to the “Second shift”
Driving the carpool and making beds
Hiding in the bathroom for a few moments of peace
Wiping tears and kitchen counters
The cheering on the sidelines, the spelling words, and the science fair projects
Caring for their broken bones and broken hearts

Mama in the middle, I hear you.....

Crying quietly in the corner tucked away from their sight
The Correcting and Encouraging
Yelling and Cheering
Loving and Training
And Repeat and Repeat and Repeat and Repeat

Mama in the middle, I notice you....

Stopping to pick up the socks left on the floor,
Wondering how you are going to raise these little humans to be adults.
The way your work continues after everyone goes to bed,
Desperately clinging the parts of you that exist beyond the role of mama...
And sometimes needing to mindlessly scroll....
The mental load... it’s exhausting

You are not alone, you are not forgotten
I see you, I hear you, I notice you....

Sweet Mama in the middle,
You are a Warrior, and Warriors deserve Honor.

Well Done.

~ Loraine Klassen