A Mindfulness Journey...


At Re.Pose not only do we believe in the complimentary therapies we provide of: counselling, yoga, mindfulness and essential oils, for the clients we are gifted to work with, but we also hold strongly to a consistent self-practice and reflection, and the work that we do is because of our own personal stories of healing and transformation.  Each therapy we provide asks for a certain level of vulnerability from our clients, and we ask this of you because we continue to press into our own journeys of courage and vulnerability to continually change, grow and be transformed.  Here you will find a piece of our Mediation and Mindfulness teacher, Brandi Matheson's story.  We are so very delighted that she is here on the Re.Pose team.

"During my first silent meditation retreat, I remember becoming pleasantly overwhelmed by the deepest sense of gratitude of being gifted this practice, this new way of seeing myself and the world around me at the ripe old age of 30.  This feeling of gratitude for the practice has only deepened as my practice has deepened, and has inspired me to continue to share this practice with others that has essentially, and unknowingly saved my life! As there are many ways in which this practice has helped me, I have chosen the top 5 fundamental ways to date..."  If you want to read Brandi's whole article click here.View More: http://typeaphotography.pass.us/brandiheadshots

If you would like to see the classes she is offering at Re.Pose click here.