Announcing our Student Therapist...


We are very excited to announce that Re.Pose Therapy has a new Student Therapist on our team, Julia Wiens.  Julia's gentle and curious spirit fits right in with our Re.Pose team.  She holds the values of experiential healing through body, heart, mind and soul and is excited to explore her clients own unique journey of healing.  We are so proud to have her as a student therapist,  and we are happy to be able to provide affordable counselling of $30/hr to our community of Abbotsford through her services. Read Julia's bio below...


Although Julia is currently completing her Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy at Trinity Western, her journey to becoming a therapist began much earlier. From the time that she was a little girl, Julia knew that she wanted to spend her life walking alongside and working together with people; however she was not always sure what that would look like, as she grew older. During and after completing her BA in Honours Psychology at Redeemer University, Julia took time to experience working with people in different capacities such as through youth camps, crisis pregnancy centers, and in caregiving homes with persons with disabilities.


During this time, Julia also took time to begin having a family with her husband, welcoming two little boys into the world. To her firstborn, however, Julia and her husband had to say goodbye much too soon. Through this great personal loss and other difficult losses and struggles, Julia embarked on her own journey of healing. Along this journey, Julia met many others travelling similar journeys; some just beginning the journey and others having made some ground. Through interactions and experiences with others and through her own healing process, Julia began to walk alongside others in their journeys toward health. Building off her work experiences and her degree, Julia decided to go to school in order to better help others in their pursuit of wholeness and authenticity.


Julia counts it a great honour to walk alongside others in their journey toward hope and change. She believes each individual is unique and carries with them valuable resources that will help them move toward change. Julia is curious about her clients own wisdom while inviting them to experience these strengths, and move beyond places where they feel stuck. Although she has a passion for parents, families, and grief work, Julia is interested in partnering with people from all different walks of life. Julia engages people from a variety of different theories, but she mostly works through Satir’s and attachment-based theories that focus on creating a new experience for the client. Through her internship with Danielle as her supervisor at Re.Pose Therapy, Julia compassionately support her clients as they explore their pain and embark on their journey toward change.

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