Be Present With Your Middle Schooler


Middle School years can be a very up and down transition for young people. On one breath they can feel excited about having their own locker, ordering lunch at the canteen, joining in on extra curricular activities such as the school play, sports clubs, band, tech group , the list goes on! And all of these options are fantastic because it can really help these individuals find a group or find a passion that fits their mold. But on the other hand with all the hustle and bustle of middle school there can also be the creation of anxtiety and stress as kids are trying to fit in and  keep a handle on all their class subjects and projects that are due and again the list goes on. This can create our little middle schoolers to come home and either be on cloud nine because they had a great day or come home and be sad , irritable or uptight because they had a terrible day. And sometimes it seems that they tend to come home in a not so great mood. Read on to find out 4 great tips on how to be with your child and try to understand what's happening in their world.