Conflict IS a part of Relationships


At Re.Pose we believe that conflict is a part of relationships, and it's the denying, avoiding or negating of this truth that gets us, our relationships and society into trouble.  Because it is an essential part of what all of us as humans need to navigate, we have joined with a consultant, Aaron Leaky who specializes in conflict and resolution.  Below you can read about him and his philosophy of conflict resolution... As a researcher and practitioner in the field of conflict resolution, I see a thread of continuity that ties all of life together into a complete whole. There are three spheres of conflict resolution that I draw attention to. The first sphere is the self, where efforts are made to quell the internal civil war within. Second is the sphere of family, friends, and intimate relations, where the task is to live in a healthy relationship with a few people or a small community. The final sphere is broader society, where conflict resolution efforts are an outflow of the work accomplished in spheres one and two. I suspect that most of us have a lot of work to do in the first two spheres, and some of us many have jumped strait to the third sphere—as I have at one time in my life.

Conflict is not always negative, nor does it always indicate a lack of relational health or vitality. On the contrary, it can improve relationships. It maintains the I-Thou sacredness, the space between you and me. For difference and diversity to exist in community, so must a degree of conflict. Conflict practices rely on both skill and intuition, and I provide a toolkit in healthy conflict practices that is useful in life and relationships.

My vision is to develop conflict Wayfinders. Wayfinders are Polynesian sea navigators who are know for navigating the Pacific Ocean with little use of technology, and instead relayed on intuition as well as attunement to the rhythms of the earth as navigational instruments. They discovered islands, survived storms and raging waters, and even outdid their compass, longitude and latitude wielding Spanish counterparts. My vision is to build capacity in individuals and groups, so they can—with both intuition and skill—expertly navigate the high seas and changing waters of conflict.


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Aaron Leakey holds an MDIV in theology, and is completing his MA in Dispute Resolution at University of Victoria. He has seven years of experience in the social work and mental health field. Aaron volunteers with Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA) as a mediator, and recently designed their victim-sensitive policy and practice so that it is consistent with new, BC-wide, voluntary practice standards for RJ organizations.  Aaron has hosted workshops and trainings with a number of organizations, including the BC Ministry of Justice, ARJAA, and for church and community groups. Aaron works as public training and education coordinator at Mediate BC, and provides private consulting in conflict resolution through his company ResolveBC. He is excited about the partnership with Re.Pose Therapy, and being part of a team with a holistic approach to health and well-being.