Counselling Beginnings...


We all begin somewhere.  The beginning of my training started at Columbia Bible College with a counselling and caregiving BA.  And although the degree itself was instrumental in my pursuit of this career, it was the experience of the community surrounding me, and the challenges of thinking through deep philosophical and theological questions which grew me in the direction where I've landed today.  It was here that I began asking; how does real, true change happen for all human beings, regardless of faith or background? One theory of counselling that I heard long ago asks the question : what is the first sentence of your autobiography?  If you take time to think about this you will see that so much of what we experience in life is tied to that first sentence.  For me the beginnings of my autobiography as a therapist began at Columbia Bible College, and I hold gratitude for what began in me there.

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Danielle Braun-Kauffman MC, RCC