Essential Oils and Depression


It's not uncommon to have experienced depression yourself at one time in your life, or to be close to someone who has.  There are many ways to address depression or start to understand what it might be about for you.  As this feeling state of depression is unique to each person, counselling, meditation, yoga and essential oils all can play a key role in supporting someone as they start to discover the underlying message of the depression they are experiencing. heart girl pic

At Re.Pose we look at all the possibilities for a person to support themselves when going through these difficult times.  Essential Oils are an empowering natural way to start to come along side depression and support your body in producing more of what is needed to maintain a more balanced feeling state.  Below is an article on bergamot, lavender, roman chamomille and ylang ylang, these are just 4 of the many oils that contain the therapeutic chemical constituents that can support the body in these difficult times.  To read a detailed article on these four oils click here.