Essential Oils Classes


RePose Therapy will be hosting a series of 4 different FREE workshops on Essential oils throughout the month of February presented by Katie Bartel of Becoming Katie! Are you looking for more natural options for your health and well being? Maybe you just want to get more educated on essential oils and how to use them. Join us for these free workshops and empower yourself with options!

Along with leaving each class with options for your mental and physical health and new found knowledge on how to integrate essential oils in to your life, you will go home with freebies and prizes!

Class topics:

Tuesday Feb 2 at 7:30pm - Essential Oils 101 -This class will cover the basics of essential oils, safety and how to use them. We will go over the top ten essential oils that are essential for every home!

Tuesday Feb 9 at 7:30pm - Natural Solutions -This class will touch on the basics of essential oils, safety and how to use them but will go more thoroughly in to the specific oils you can use to support different systems in the body, such as the respiratory, immune and digestive systems, energy levels and mental/emotional health, physical aches, seasonal threats and much more!

Tuesday Feb 16 at 7:30pm - Emotions and Essential Oils * Special Guest presenter Danielle Braun-Kauffman RCC! - This class will discuss some of the science behind emotions as is documented in the pubmed studies of Danielle Daniels.  How our mental and physical health are interconnected, and how essential oils can support our optimal emotional state, and improve our mental health.

Tuesday Feb 23 at 7:30pm - Essential Oils, Our Kids and Special Needs. - This class will again touch on the basics, safety and how to use essential oils. We will also discuss how essential oils can help when there are frequently no options, especially for children under 6. Katie Bartel also has extensive experience with children and adults with special needs and will share how she has seen essential oils help her daughter with Down Syndrome reach her potential. She will share how essential oils can help support many different neurological areas for people with developmental delays, trauma and behavioural needs.

Katies Bio

Katie Bartel found essential oils when she was out of options, had exhausted traditional avenues and was searching for a way to help her daughter, Sofie, deal with trauma and a lack of development. Sofie was adopted from an overcrowded orphanage in Bulgaria and has Down Syndrome. Through incorporating essential oils into her daughter's routines she saw the disruptive behaviours subside, the brain fog clear and started seeing connections and development happen. It’s something she describes simply as ‘miraculous'.
Through research and connections with other people also looking for solutions, Katie has educated herself on how to use essential oils safely and learned what they can do naturally  for our mental and physical health. She has integrated the use of essential oils into her professional and family life and is now sharing her knowledge through classes and workshops. Katie is a full-time mom to three beautiful girls and works part time as a Behaviour Interventionist and Essential Oils Wellness Advocate. She comes with extensive training and experience working with adults and children with special needs in various capacities. She is most passionate about seeing how these oils can help people with developmental and behavioural issues reach their potential, just like they have helped her own daughter and family.

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