Fall Yoga schedule


Yoga at Re.Pose has a very specific focus: to create a safe space for all people to become acquainted with their body again, and build strength and flexibility in this new relationship with their body.  We believe the practice of yoga can serve you in befriending your body and experiencing working with it, rather than against it.  When people experience trauma in their lives, research tells us that both physical and emotional trauma lands in the body and stays there until the body feels it is safe enough to move it out.  Yoga is one complimentary therapy that can work with the body and brain to create a safe and supportive environment to allow trauma impacts to heal, and move into an experience of thriving.  Here's a great article to read to learn more about the benefits of yoga:  Yoga and the Brain.

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Fall Yoga Schedule

We are offering 3 different time slots for you to pre-register, because of the amount of interest for a yoga practice that increases strength in the body and allows for restoration all while providing the space needed for connection in all realms; ease and discomfort of mind, body, heart and soul.

Please pick one time slot.  Time slots will be reserved on a first come, first served, pre-paid basis.

Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  All e-transfers can be sent to this email address (embodyflow@gmail.com) and cheques can be addressed to Carolyn Goossen.

An email will reserve your spot and a payment will CONFIRM your spot.

Each session is 6 weeks in duration and the cost is $80.

The dates are:

Tuesdays starting September 6th (7:15-8:30 pm) with Carolyn


Sundays starting September 25th (10:30-11:45) with Carolyn (4 weeks - $55.00)


NOTE: - there will be a one week break on Tuesday, September 13th and Sunday September 18th for the Tuesday and Sunday class but not the Monday class

More info can be found at  our Yoga page!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,