Freedom to Fit


  When I think back to when I was a little girl, I remember the pressures of trying to fit in. I would worry myself with how I could impress others and be more like them. It’s a struggle many of us go through. Every day we maneuver through the ins and outs of finding what “fits” for us. As a therapist in training, I have the task of figuring out what theories and techniques best “fit” with my own style of therapy. I would be lying if I said that this was an easy task. My old habits of trying to fit in and take on others’ point of view often creeps in to this process. I’ve been on a journey of giving myself the freedom to be just me; and through this journey, I have definitely grown in knowing who I am.

Getting to know who you are as a person is a large part of therapy. And that requires space for you to be 100% you. But going to see a complete stranger and being a 100% you can be a bit intimidating. Along with some common myths of counselling, clients often hold a fear about “fitting” with their therapist. Having been a client, myself, I remember wondering, “What if the therapist doesn’t get me?” or “What if we don’t work well together?”.

In doing therapy at Re.Pose, we as a team believe strongly in the concept of “freedom to fit”. In fact, we value “fit” so highly that we offer free 20 minute consultations to clients so that they can have this freedom. But what exactly does this concept mean? How do clients experience this freedom? Well, we think it involves five interconnecting factors that build off of each other.belonging

Space to Belong. Similar to my journey in finding my own therapeutic style, having an environment that is open and compassionate to discovering who you are as a person is invaluable. While we often need to create space for this in our own lives, therapists at Re.Pose also want to establish this kind of environment for clients. It is through this free and open environment that a sense of belonging can be created in relationship, not only to the therapist, but to the self as well.

Connection. Belonging is the gateway to connection. In an environment where a sense of belonging is welcomed, connection is soon to follow. At Re.Pose, we believe connection is essential in therapy. With connection also comes trust, vulnerability – the freedom to be broken and whole – and the gift of being seen and understood.



Safety. In allowing yourself to connect, the feeling of safety is present. Through the concept of “freedom to fit”, Re.Pose therapists aim to create safety while at the same time allowing clients to choose what feels safe to them. Without safety, a flourishing relationship between therapist and client will be tough; yet at the same time, safety is something that grows in time under an environment of belonging and connection.

Freedom of Choice. At Re.Pose, choice is encouraged under the umbrella of safety, connection, and belonging. In fact, choice

belongingis always encouraged. Freedom is most easily recognized through choice, and “freedom to fit” would make no sense without it. This is why the choice to say 'no, this doesn't fit for me', is just as honoured as 'yes, this fits'.  We, at Re.Pose, believe that every client in therapy has the resources within them to make choices toward change, and that starts with finding a good fit with a therapist.

Empowerment. If you’ve been to Re.Pose Therapy, you know we are all about empowering our clients to take ownership of their lives. I sometimes jokingly say that I would like to work myself out of a job because I believe so strongly that my goal is to have clients be empowered to live out their lives without me. Yet we all need people to walk with us as we journey through life’ up and downs. Through empowering you to find your own fit at Re.Pose, we as a team want to invite you to take that step toward change, we want to invite you to heal and have a different relationship with love and pain.


Though there may be other components to finding a good fit with a therapist, at Re.Pose we want you to know from the get-go our heart for therapy, change, and transformation. If you are interested in seeing if someone at Re.Pose Therapy is a fit for you through a FREE 20 minute consultation, please contact us at to find out what a free consultation might look like for you. You can also check out our therapist bio’s here.

And regardless of where you are at in your journey, or whether or not you end up coming to Re.Pose, my hope for those that read this post is for a freedom of fit in your own life –whatever that may look like – a freedom to create a sense of belonging, connection, and safety within yourself and those around you and the freedom to choose and be empowered to make choices that lead to health and wholeness.

Julia Wiens - MAMFT Student Therapist