“Earthing” and “Yoga”


I don’t know about you, but when my mind gets fuzzy and full, I need to get out – outside—in nature, in the dirt, in the forest, by the ocean, for a walk – whatever it may be that provides a way for me to connect with the rhythms that nature holds, simply by being itself.   This is my way of “earthing”…activating my senses and body with the literal earth around me. (“Earthing” is a new phenomenon that references one’s connection with nature as innately therapeutic.) You see, waves and trees; nature, it doesn’t create effort itself, it doesn’t strive. It ebbs and flows, whether by tide, by day or night, or by season. It is competently aware of it’s properties, it’s strengths, it’s time to be awake and alive and it’s time to rest – so to enter it- to consciously experience and notice our part in it – we, too, have the opportunity, to witness our own natural rhythms, flows, ebbs and tides of our own system(s).

Yoga is a union –the practice of yoga creates space for us to be mindful of places that perhaps feel “dis”connected. These places may feel tight or “stuck”. Other places might feel agitated or “spinny”. Yet others may feel light and at ease. All are part of our body’s own eco-system that is working to bring us back to homeostasis so we can live and function with internal harmony.

The tools of yoga are ones we already have– Breath- Body –Mind. Every one of us has these resources with us every hour of every day, no matter the state we may be experiencing at that moment in time. And it is these internal gifts we hold of Breath-Body-Mind, that already know what to do, to bring us to wholeness.

This is same as with nature; there is no striving, only being.   We may see fancy yoga poses and think that yoga is about attaining and striving to these; however, it is the opposite. The pose is intended to work FOR our body –so manipulating our body to get into a pose, works against us not for us. If we allow our breath and our mind to nourish our aligned body in our pose, we will surrender to the natural rhythms of our being, which produces a deep rest and trust, just as nature lives in a place of rest and trust.

So come experience Breath-Body- Mind with us, just as you are. Experience being a witness to your ease, “dis”-ease, ebb, flow, stability, surrender.

Imagine a place of whole-ness already in you, the tools are there, yoga is intended to create awareness


Yoga @ Re.Pose - May 2016

We are excited to be offering another series of yoga at Re.Pose this spring!!

Come check out one of the healing and therapeutic yoga @ Re.Pose  May 24th - June 28th 2016.

The workshop will be lead by either Jayne, our passionate whole-hearted yoga teachers.   We are offering a therapeutic restorative Yoga workshops. We hope to see you there.

Email us with any questions about our healing and therapeutic yoga @ Re.Pose May.