Minimalism & Child Mental Health


Childhood today is chaotic and overwhelming. Parents are constantly bombarded with the next 'thing' for their kids, and our homes and our child's lives are filled with constant distractions and stimuli - digital screens being one of these. At Re.Pose Therapy, we recognize how crucial it is for children to experience calm outside of themselves in order to experience peace inside of themselves. Minimalism offers this calm on the outside that can bring a sense of peace on the inside. This calm and peaceful state, without distractions, is required in order for children to tune into their 'insides', to learn how to pay attention to their bodies, trust and express their feelings, and learn how to emotionally regulate themselves effectively. This is one of the reasons play therapy is so beneficial and is offered at Re.Pose. It naturally turns children inwards, in a safe and peaceful way that promotes healthy emotional regulation.

Parents are just struggling to survive, struggling to hold it all together, "because it’s consuming, it’s heavy". So why not try trading some of the chaos for calm?

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-Alycia Ceballos, RCC