Safe Strangers VS Unsafe Strangers : Tricks To Help Teach Our Kids To Stay Safe.


Being a mother of two one of my biggest fears is having  my children kidnapped or hurt by someone. If you are a parent or a caregiver for a child you most likely feel the same way. If you do please check out this article. It's a story of a mother who shares her experience of what happened with her boys and strangers approaching them, and how her boys handled it. As a parent I'm always grateful for new insight on how to teach my kids the "stranger danger"  concept. We don't want to teach our children to be afraid of every stranger out in the world, because some of these strangers are safe. And we don't want to put our children in a bubble and shield them from all the terrible things that can go on around us ( although sometimes that's all I want to do ). But at the end of the day I know I am not serving them well in doing this. I invite you to read this story and I hope you are able to take some available knowledge away as I did.  Deanne Matthews

stranger danger