The surprising role of PTSD in Parenthood


The lasting impact of trauma comes through all different experiences in our lives, they are all coloured by the lack of physical and emotional safety that is felt.  These experiences can be a one time event or a childhood that is a chronic encounter with unpredictability and fear.  One thing trauma has in common across the board is the intense helplessness and vulnerability that is felt during the event and often for a long time after, in the form of different types of triggers. Childhood trauma, or Adverse Childhood Experiences are confusing as people grow up because often they were told that what they went through was 'normal' or 'not that bad'.  It is hard for a person to validate the extent and impact of their own past and on-going pain.  When a person who has experienced childhood trauma ventures into the role of parent, a role that most people approached with excitement and joy, it seems counter intuitive to assume that this life event might bring up past trauma.

But the truth is the effects of trauma, or PTSD symptoms are often come on suddenly and unexpectedly when one becomes a parent.  Why would this be?  How could a season of birth, and joy, and new life bring on such distressing symptoms?  Often they come on subconsciously and can be hard to be aware of, and often it is the very gift of revealing in a child's innocence and preciousness that brings on the intense panic, fear, and pain as a parent.

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