Tradgedy Doesn't Have to Feel Hopeless.


After the horrific incident that happened in Manchester England last week, I'm sure it left people feeling at a loss for words and experiencing the feeling of helplessness. I ( Deanne ) know that's how I felt when I heard about this tragic situation. I mostly struggle often when scary things such as this happen in the world and my kids ask me if we are safe and if this will ever happen here in Canada? I can't tell them no it won't happen as I  don't know the answer to that. As  parents we want to be truthful and real with our children , without scaring them even further. So how much is ok to keep real and how much should we keep to ourselves? This article was a great read as it simply detailed how to reach out to our kids when tradgey strikes like this in the world. And also helps adults deal with the feelings of hopelessness we often feel when unforeseen moments happen such as the bombing this past week. What the world needs now is love sweet love.

Deanne Matthews.