Why Being Near Water Is So Healing For The Mind , Body And Soul.


A walk in the forest , a jog through the park or a stroll along the beach. These are some of the things that people do to go and find peace , relaxation or to even go and connect more deeply with themselves. This article chats about the benefits of being near water, and how therapeutic it is for the mind and body. This article intrigued me as I ( Deanne ) am someone who loves being near the ocean or any form of water for that matter. I can find great peace , comfort and clarity while in a space such as this. I just recently took my mom( who has alzheimers disease) out for a walk , and the place we went to had a small lake. She expressed to me how being near water made her feel so much more at peace, and more calm in her mind. During our walk I noticed her body to become more relaxed and even her speech which she struggles with was a bit more clear and understandable. After reading this article it brought an understanding to me as to why my mom and others for that matter have this type of response. It's quite beautiful really. We may not always have time to get to the beach or the ocean, but there are other ways we can find this type of respite on a regular basis. Check this out if you are someone who loves to be near water or someone who is looking for a way to connect more deeply. Deanne Matthews. https://simplecapacity.com/2017/04/science-reveals-how-a-visit-to-the-beach-actually-changes-your-brain/