Yoga of Eating


Are you yearning for deeper connection to yourself?

Are you desiring a compassionate balance with your eating habits?

Then this retreat is for you! One of the most profound questions that Caspar has left us with out of his Digestive Psychology work is : "Ask the food on your plate, 'Are you worthy of becoming me'?" We truly are what we eat and how we approach eating. The deeper connection we have with ourselves, with our bodies, heart and mind, wholistically, the better we are at making choices to nourish ourselves. Come join us for rest and relaxation, healing old trauma/fear/anxiety, learn more about your emotional connections to eating habits, food allergies, digestive problems and more. Come start the New Year with us, enjoying yoga, hot chocolate, and the warmth of a fire indoor and out at the stunning 35 acres at the Xenia Centre on Bowen Island.



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