We believe that within each person, we want more for our lives; even our most destructive behaviours or debilitating emotional state has an underlying message that we want more. Sometimes the patterns of our brain are stuck in the old ways of knowing how to meet our needs, the things we learned through spoken and unspoken messages in our lives. That is not working for us anymore. We can learn new ways. We can access innate wisdom of our body, the desires of our heart, and the truth of our spirit to move towards health and wholeness.

Re.Pose Psychotherapy and Counselling Services is anything but formulaic. Each client will journey through a co-created experience with their therapist, to establish deep-lasting change both internally and externally in their life.

Our therapists draw from many theoretical models, and are most grounded in Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (STST). We draw from the ground-breaking work of Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), concepts of Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems Theory, Somatic Respiratory Integration, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and utilize EMDR for work with trauma (centering around attachment).

You will find that through our experiential work together, your whole being is honoured for each part of you and how it can contribute to your own healing journey.

Every client has their own pace and timing. Consider the example of what is required to climb a mountain: if you move too fast, you might experience injury; as you pace your journey, you will break down the steps required; as you gain elevation, awareness of your body and strength allows you to make adjustments; as you walk the path, you will encounter different views, aware of things that may come in the way.

Our meta-goals for our clients are to:

  • Be more responsible

  • Be better choice makers
  • Be congruent
  • Have higher self-esteem

Every question, theory, direction, or goal, is framed under the umbrella of moving toward these meta-goals. We seek to help our clients cultivate an internal experience of acceptance and love, that cannot help but spill over into other relationships in life.