Couples Therapy


There is a unique dance that every couple creates in their relationship. Sometimes this dance is enjoyable, sometimes it feels redundant or boring, and sometimes there are misleads and stepping on toes. Regardless of the experience, each person contributes in their own way to this dance. Our philosophy at Re.Pose is that neither partner is the problem: the dance can sometimes become a problem, and our work will largely be redefining it.

Each partner has a need to preserve the self, and a need to preserve their relationship. These are both extremely important needs. It is how these needs are expressed in the dance that must be explored. Expression of needs are sometimes learned from the environment we grew up in; there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. The difficult yet also exciting, part is discovering the unconscious ways of meetings our needs that are not working in relationship.

Couple therapy may include some traditional work to look more intently at how to shift old patterns. The intent is always to strengthen the attachment of the couple, rediscovering the enjoyable part of the dance. Together, you will re-create new steps, movement, and flow in which to move forward.