Family Therapy

Our families are our mirrors. This begins from day one when a couple forms, reflecting the parts of each other that are known and unknown. When a child comes into the mix, their brain is formed out of how their caregiver mirrors to them who they are. When the baby cries, their caregiver will look at them with sadness. When the baby smiles, their caregiver will smile back. Children learn who they are and how to meet their needs from the mirroring of their caregiver. Our perception of who our family is, and who they think we are, can have a lot of weight in the choices we make. Sometimes we operate independently. But often, we do not check out what is connected. Therapy can be a safe place to do that, to start to understand how the family experiences one another, and the desire for how they would like to connect with each other.

Just as in couples work, each person in a family system has to find a way to meet their needs around preserving the relationship. Even the littlest of our family members have needs, they just look different.

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