Individual Counselling

People pursue help through counselling for a variety of reasons. However, whatever the reason may be, it points to wanting change, to desiring growth, and freedom from emotional pain. There are many ways that our bodies try to get us in touch with wanting deep change, some of those ways include; anxiety, depression, somatic pain, anger and rage, and addictions. While all of these experiences can feel quite debilitating and sometimes even destructive, they are symptoms of deeper core universal needs. Ie: Love, Connection, Belonging, Freedom, Validation, etc… At Re.Pose we use many different expressive and experiential therapies, with special attention to your pace and time,  to help unfold what yearnings these symptoms are pointing to. Once this is discovered and understood, together we can work to find new ways of meeting these needs. Our therapists believe that through your own internal wisdom and resources, we can discover new possibilities for life, and explore new ways of being with oneself and in the world.