Danielle MacKenzie

My journey into this space of holistic and integrative nutrition began when my oldest son was diagnosed with type 1diabetes, an autoimmune disorder, at the age of 3. In that moment, we crossed into a new reality where I knew nothing would ever be the same, but I also knew that whatever these words were that the doctors were saying, I couldn’t accept: “incurable”, “inevitable complications”, “eat whatever kind of food, just count the carbs”.

And so began my quest into the deeper conversations of health and healing by integrative/holistic (functional medicine) practitioners and scientists the world over who were speaking a very different language and telling very different (and compelling) stories of healing. Not only on a physical level but with an understanding that we are more than biology, greater than our physiology. Our bodies have a story to tell and they know the path to healing. 

With a desire to continue these deeper conversations, I went on to formalize my education at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver to became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN).

Over the years, I pursued further study and became a Whole Foods Educator and Lifestyle Coach. Also, due to my love of fresh food that has potent detoxing and inflammation reducing power, I became a certified Raw Food Chef through the RAW Foundation Culinary Arts and Nutrition Institute in Vancouver. I ventured down to Arizona to participate in a Conscious Eating exploration with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. And, most recently have done Functional Nutrition intensives through Andrea Nakayama’s (Functional Nutrition Alliance) Holistic Nutrition Lab as well as Dr. Kelly Brogan’s game-changing program: Vital Mind Reset.

My belief in holistic health continued as I entered the field of gut-brain- immune health and had the honour of being trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to become a Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP). G.A.P.S. stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome as well as Gut and Physiology Syndrome. The modern situation of “inflamed guts” is giving rise to an epidemic of inflamed brains and misguided immune systems, which can present symptomatically as anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum, OCD, bipolar, autoimmunity, to name only some. As these touch all of our lives in some way, including our children’s, digestive health is a key area of focus in any healing protocol and is central to the work I do with clients.

I have come to understand that the fundamental question to ask is “Why?” Why this diagnosis? Why this mental state? Why has my body been knocked off its natural course of desired wellness? The “why?” questions aren’t about naming symptoms; rather, they are about getting at the root.

I believe there are different roads (psychological, spiritual, physical) one might take in seeking the answers. This is why I feel it such a privilege to be a part of the staff at Re.Pose. Our work uses different roads for the same hope and goal of opening up a safe space to explore the roots of one’s discomfort or dis-ease … and to understand that transformation is not only possible, but it is always part of the story our bodies are striving to tell: our own and very personal story of healing.

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