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def: to rest and trust in relationship to [self, body, space, time, connections]

At Re.Pose we believe in change, in hope, and in transformation: this is the core of our work. We trust that every person has the resources they need within them to move towards living the life they desire.  When we experience the integration of our body, heart, mind, and spirit, we feel freedom, wholeness, and harmony within. People are complex and there are many avenues to healing and well being. Through counselling, yoga, massage and essential oils we provide channels to access healing and health.  At Re.Pose you will learn to trust yourself as you find peace and rest; and from this place, thrive. 



Re.Pose Psychotherapy and Counselling Services are anything but formulaic. Each client will journey through a co-created experience with their therapist, to establish deep-lasting change both internally and externally in their life.



The yoga offered at Re.Pose is intended to guide you in a calling to return or “connect” with your own body’s intuitive intelligence and wisdom. Practicing yoga gives opportunity for reconnection with sensations of pleasure and/or discomfort as you participate in your own healing of body, heart, mind and soul. It is a pathway to find safety and strength in our bodies – to befriend our body and use it as a resource.



We believe in change, in hope, and in transformation: this is the core of our work at Re.Pose. The integration of our body, heart, mind, and spirit, is where we feel the most freedom and wholeness. Our beings are made to heal and have health. Meditation, mindful movement and self-reflection are important avenues to integrate body, heart, mind, and spirit.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are an important part of the complimentary therapies offered through Re.Pose. This is for a couple of reasons; one is that we strongly believe that people are always looking for more options in their life to work with their emotional health and wellness. By providing options like essential oils to support emotional states of being, it automatically creates a sense of hope, where one once felt there were no options or very few, there now are some new simple alternatives for moving through life with more ease.


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